Chairwoman of the Board Liu Tian Ru was awarded as the “ Compassion Ambassador” by the Women’s Federation of Shahekou District

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At the coming of the Mother’s day, on 9th of May, together with Women’s Federation of Dalian Shahekou District and Dalian Gezhi New School carried out a lecture activity of “Care of Mother, Mental health line”,”Decompression for Mothers of the high school examinees”.

National senior family education instructors were invited to the lecture activity, through which Psychology Doctor Feng Lei have supported the mothers of the families that entered the college entrance examination. To teach the parent on how to become the educational expert of their own family, how to debug the anxious emotion of these parents.

At the meanwhile special recognitions were paid to the finest people who have been cared for mothers, women and children. In recognition of all the works and positive contributions they have done for women and children. More than 12 of outstanding females from various of industries such as Chairwoman Liu TianRu of Tastod Construction group, president Zhang QingDong of Qingdong beauty shop, Chairwoman Li Jie of MeiRr Dental clinic etc. were awarded with title of‘ Compassion Ambassador’.

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