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On 15th April,50 more of the entrepreneurial elites carried on the 18th training class study tour in Tastod Construction Group.

The study tour was divided into three parts. First, the students visited the cultural exhibition of Tastod, from the staff canteen to the meeting room on the fourth floor. The sincere Tastod characteristics and its culture atmosphere specially the mental outlooks of employees  are deeply felt on each floor.

In the end as the enterprise mentor Chairman of the board Mr. Liu Wei used the topic of ‘enterprise development lead by the advanced corporate culture’, he then continued the detailed interpretation from four aspects of ‘ the concept of culture and corporate culture, the main problems that are solved by corporate culture, four levels that are included within the corporate culture, and the Tastod culture’.  By practicing the development of Tastod culture as an example, narrating through wit and humor, interacted between teachers and students, simple but profound, he has truly played his due role to life plant the corporate culture to his staff.

All presented students have said that they have harvested a lot from whole afternoon study. They have experienced audio-visual  feast of enterprise culture study, through which it has cleared the direction and thoughts for us towards the construction of enterprise culture for future.

From Chairman Liu Wei’s intensive study of corporate culture and long period of practice within the enterprise, a suitable route of particular culture by whom have been discovered. As a mentor of center for entrepreneurship of Dalian, he gave lecture on each ‘entrepreneurial manager training class’ with a hope that through his understanding and practice for corporate culture, somehow it will be a useful reference and enlightenment for the future enterprisers. On each end of the training period, a book of ‘5 entry of Tastod management log’ will be given by Chairman Liu Wei as a gift to each student along with banquet served in the staff canteen.

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