Human resource department & financial department: taking the lead in practicing activities on energy-saving & cost-reducing

2015-03-11  Department:company culture department  Writer:Zhang Liping  Origin:original

In reply to the second half year strategic plan “saving resource, reducing administrative appropriation” of the group and improve the staff’s aware of saving, so as to complete the special work on energy saving and efficiency improvement, departments of the company, under the initiation of the office of General Manager, actively use their brains, mobilize the masses, focus on the topic and implementing a series of topic work on “energy saving and cost reducing”. 

The highlight of this work is “everybody’s offering advices, department’s participating”. People developed the awareness of energy saving and cost reducing, and consciously push the perform of the energy saving work of in the group. Under the initiation and leading the HR director Li Bingbing, office of general manager and financial department adjust measures to local conditions and be the first to work out plans on energy saving, staffs actively put forward their suggestions, thus summarizing the reasonable advices on energy saving & cost reducing as follows:

1. Set up warnings on water-saving.

2. Office supplies such as stapler, scissors and tape be categorized as public supplies, partly canceling the using of note paper.

3. Water dispenser be closed half and hour before off duty. (adviser: Sun Guiyun)

4. Fish tank related equipments in President Office:

(1) Opening time ordinarily be controlled between  8:20 am and president’s leaving the office.

(2) Keeping closed during the president’s business trip.

(3) Disinfection of ultraviolet light be opened once or twice per week and be opened in the evening of Tuseday and Friday and closed in the morning of the next day.(adviser: Wu Hao)

5. Using of Air conditioning in president’s office:

(1) Considering overall the cooling effect and the lowest power costing, the average temperature of the air conditioning be set around 22 degrees in summer, and 18 degrees in winter.

(2) Under the condition of extreme hot or cold outside, the temporary temperature of 18 or 22 degrees is accessible, and which shall be switch to the low cost termper after reaching sensible temperature.

(3) The office door be closed or unlatched after opening the air conditioning so as to reducing the heat exchange.

(4) The flabellum shall be adjust to up blowing (cooling)or down blowing (heating)when opening, and avoid discomfort caused by directly blowing the body, as well as taking advantage of the different density of cool and hot air to push the cycling in the room, so as to speeding the effect of heating and cooling;

(5) If necessary, during the president’s meeting, try to open the left equipment cabinet (sensitive temperature be given priority). During the president Liu’s receiving visitors, try to open the right cabinet, when Liu’s alone, if cooling is needed, try to open the right cabinet(avoiding the heat from the sunlight ). (adviser: Huang Hao)

6. A small note could be sticked near the paper towel in staff restroom, so as to notice one paper is enough after washing hands and implement the energy saving  activity, “one movement, save one drop, one paper, one kilowatt”(adviser:Liu Xiaolei)

7. Fruits used for welcoming guests could be purchased less, and try to choose with better quality and of more varieties, try to reduce wasting and buying the periodical fruits.(adviser: Zhang Liping)

8. Close all the appliances in time so as to save electricity.(adviser:Zhang Liping)

9. Make a plan of the drive route thus avoiding the unnecessary long way, slowly speeding and avoiding the fuel loss of the car.(adviser: Sun Guofeng)

10. Close the door and window when opening the air conditioning, two people from different departments are advised to use the same office if working overtime.(adviser: Su ming)

11. Set the ammeter particularly and measure the departments electricity cost respectively, thus pushing the staffs save energy. (principal: Wang Hengfei)

12. Turn off the screen of the computer when leaving, turn off the computer when long time leaving.(principal: Chen Hongxin)

13. Open the windows and doors and reduce the using of air conditioning. (principal: Teng Haipeng)

14. Dimming the screen under the condition of keeping health. (principal: Sun Dandan) 

15. The printer shall be turned off if not using. (principal: Chou Shurong)

16. Paper for printing be used double sided when discarded, discarded file folder be recycling and paperless office work is recommended. Financial supplies be less purchased and shopping around shall be aware. (principal: Wang Ying)

17. Bus is recommended when going outside, and taxi shall not.(principal: Wang Binbin, Wang Nan)

19. Reducing the supplies cost of departments by staffs from other departments.(principal: Pang Zhigang)


Meanwhile, combing the condition of the company, coordinating the implementation of “energy saving and cost reducing”, enterprise culture department made a series of activities like pasting poster, slogan, so as to strengthening the awareness and forming the good atmosphere of “everybody focusing on saving of everything at anytime ”


“energy saving and cost reducing”specialized work has launched the power of masses and drawn the wise from the masses, people from different departments working as a unit and strengthening the daily management so as to put to practice in every detail, which has gained the periodical effect. Next phase, all departments shall try harder, pursue and practice, moving forward continually on the way in developing our company a high efficiency and energy saving enterprise.  

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