Group dispatched staff joining the special training camp class II of Beijing influenced middle-level manager and winning the first prize

2015-03-11  Department:office of General Manager  Writer:Huang Hao  Origin:original

In the afternoon of Sep.20th host by the Beijing Influence and theme based on “effective manager” the special training camp class II preparatory courses have held in Hongfu hotel of Dalian, particularly for the middle level special training camp, the group have planned to dispatch 13 middle and high level key staffs from No.1 company, Runjing company Yuding company, audit department, financing department, office of general manager and enterprise culture joining the training.

The courses are lectured by Wang Xuebing, the manager of northeast area, trainers will learn some related modules of self-management, business management, team management and its preliminary introduction and understanding. They shared the helpful thought and measures in management, the spearhead composed by Zhou yanping, Wang ying, Cui peng, Qiu tianlei, Zhou wen and Huang hao joined the whole courses. The staffs all listened carefully and interacted with the tutor actively and fully developed the learning spirit of TASTOD “Stand in line where there is a lead, share the duty when there is mission”, pooled the wisdom and efforts of everyone and daring to challenge, so winning the first prize in competition of preparatory class.

The training is to life the practical experience of middle-high level key staffs and is the strategic reflection of group in trying with great effort in lifting the nucleus power of group, which is also an important step to nurture talent team with high skills, high quality and rich experience. We believe that masses staffs will learn and think, practice and try, learn and gain, learn and use, so as to contribute wisdom and power to the quick and prosperous development of the group.

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