Warm Congratulates on Runjing Company Winning a New Typed Practical Patent

2015-03-11  Department:Runjing  Writer:Amanda  Origin:original

Dalian Runjing Ecological Greening Technological Inc.(Old name: Dalian Runjing Seedling Greening Engineering Ltd.) applying the “seedling irrigation decompression divisor” practical new type patent technology has successfully won the permission from the SIPO on 2014 Aug.13.


The patent product is easy constructed, including divisor main pipe, one inlet pipe and two (plural) outlet pipe are equipped on the main pipe, divisor main pipe has at least one end for connecting, and lining pad is set in the main pipe, lining pad is also set with at least one limber, the cost of which is low and can effectively reduce the pressure between outlets, thus better adapting to the market and will further improve the technical strength and innovation.

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